I’m trying to use BuzaMoto’s ImageShiftGallery (MudShiftContent would work as well. It was actually my first choice, but I found it even more complicated) to work with the template I have set up.

I’ve been banging my head against the wall for a while and I just can not make it work.

Can somebody help me turn that static image into a slideshow with ImageShiftGallery? (or MudShiftContent or any other javascript able to accomplish the same result…)

All I need is a manual slideshow inside the draggable panel (I’m using Walter Zorn’s Drag & Drop javascript) with a description and prev/next buttons at the bottom, like example #2 from ImageShiftGallery’s zip.

Javascript is not my forte so any help will be highly appreciated.

Here's the template I'm working with: http://jmp.sh/xbYMuEv

Here is BuzaMoto’s ImageShiftGallery: https://github.com/mud/imageshiftgallery/tree/master