Good Day JS coders and Developers,

I have been trying to get my Code working, but with out luck,
I need to calculate the Difference of two time fields and display the result, Overtime Sheet.

I have two ways of doing this,
Option A: Dropdown List:
Option B: Text Box :
Both have there Issues,

Option A: I have this working with hours, all good. But I want to add Minutes to this, once i do it does not work anymore. If you like to Help me Fix this Code I would Love it.

Option B: I had it working, As soon as I add an event-listener it will not work.
As well once you go from 12:00 am over to 1:00 am it give me a Bad Result.
If you like to Fix this Code, I will Love you even more.

Well I'm really stuck on this two codes, I'm losing my mind