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    Good Day JS Coder & Developers,

    If this was Posted, Which i did not Find, Please send me the Link.

    Herewith my Issue:

    I have to option to add a function to my Overtime sheet, Both worked than Failed Epically

    Option A: Dropdown List

    This Works Great for the Hours, but once i add minutes to this the code will not Function,
    I do Hope you can Help me with this.

    Option B: Text Fields

    This worked Great, Till I added an Eventlistener, As well once you select 12:00pm and 1:00am the result I not an Hour, but 0-8:00 or something like this.

    You are more than Welcome to Laugh at the code, I need to start somewhere

    I would Kindly and with knees on the floor bagging you to help me fix the code, or Inform me of my Mistake.

    With Kind Regards,
    Naglix - JS Newbie

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    1. you're asking a JQuery question in a JavaScript forum, try the JavaScript frameworks.
    2. Post your code in the appropriate forum tags [CODE][/CODE] for example.
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