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Thread: How much is my website worth?

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    How much is my website worth?

    Good Morning,
    I am the owner of a celebrity blog and forum, I have seen that its possible to sell website on the internet
    so I was checking an online tool and I found the value of my site is around $35,000.
    I really would like to sell it as soon as possible.
    Can you guys give me a confirmation about the metric and system used to evaluate my website?
    Please take a look to: HTTP://WWW.WEBSITEWORTHCHECK.COM

    Thank you a lot !
    Sarah Jefferson
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    I doubt that anyone would:

    a) Have access to the algorithms to check what they are evaluating.

    b) If they did have access, be able to comment on their validity.

    c) If they had the access and the expertise, be prepared to do the research for free!
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    LOL, unless your site is in the same league as MSN, Yahoo, Google, you are not going to see anything other than the amount you paid for your domain name.
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    Valuing a website is a tricky business.

    Stating the obvious: A web site is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

    Most valuation sites try to put a value on sites based on a number of factors that might, or might not be relevant. These can be traffic and other analytic numbers. Some will also take the name into consideration. The biggest factors (in my opinion) for driving a value for a site are (1) the site's history at driving revenue, and (2) the site's interest to a specific person.

    If a specific person is interested in a site, then they are likely to pay more for it. For example. John Doe might want a site with his name, so he might be willing to pay a premium for the www.johndoe.com site. Similarly, a company like State Farm might be interested in a domain like 'insurance.com', so they might pay a premium for it; however, those premiums would be likely limited by the amount they believe they can drive from it.

    As such, the biggest factor in the value of a site is how much revenue it is currently driving. If you are not driving thousands of dollars a month from your site, then chances are, it isn't worth tens of thousands of dollars in the open market.

    I also tend to see forums as being worth less that sites. If you have a strong forum, with a very active community that engages in dialog, then there might be value, but the issue comes back to... are those people buying things or clicking on ads? If not, then you can have millions of people, but they are worthless to most people that would spend money on a site.

    Same with a site - how much content is on it? How dated is the content? How relevant will it be in 12 months? I'll guess that information on celebrities tends to date quickly. Thus the value of a celebrity site drops quickly if it is not maintained.

    Lots of factors to consider. If you have high traffic, then you might talk to companies that would be looking for the type of people visiting your site. They might offer you something for the site to gain that traffic.

    As someone said - if you aren't monetizing what is on your site, then the value is closer to $14.99 or whatever you pay for a domain name.

    Everyone thinks they have the next big name. The problem is... there are often a dozen other sites and similar names out there that could be used as well.

    (the opinions expressed in this post are my own and do not represent my employer in any way)
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    It may or may not apply to web sites, but the figure that I heard many years ago for valuing a small business was based on someone buying a business would expect to get their initial investment back in seven years. What they are paying for is the "goodwill", which depends upon the past profit performance, and the likelihood of that continuing.

    Which is where valuing web sites is particularly problematic. How good is the past performance of a web site a guide to future income, even assuming that there IS a history of profitable trading? Indeed the site's major asset may be the present owner, who has built and nurtured it. So, perhaps, what you need to evaluate is: what is your site worth without you?
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    As a test of that site's accuracy, they value Facebook.com (the web site) at over 4 *Trillion* dollars. You can poke around and get the actual valuation estimates of the company for yourself, you'll find this $4T number is just a bit off. Maybe factor your own site down by the same proportion
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    Quote Originally Posted by tracknut View Post
    As a test of that site's accuracy, they value Facebook.com (the web site) at over 4 *Trillion* dollars. You can poke around and get the actual valuation estimates of the company for yourself, you'll find this $4T number is just a bit off. Maybe factor your own site down by the same proportion
    Why by the company (Facebook) for $178 billion (current market capitalization) when you can get the site for $4 trillion.....

    Using the same multiple, $35,000 would equate to about $1500.

    I think I hear Elmerjackson11's bubble bursting.... sorry.
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    Usually 'tools' to determine a site's worth are a giant scam, used by scam artists to trick people into forking over money for nothing. The same goes with most traffic rating sites -- which commonly are used by both SEO snake oil doctors to justify their fairyland bs, as well as to make people who 'just buy and sell sites' or 'make sites just to sell them' to basically lie to the first gullible person to come along with a checkbook at whorehouses like flippa.

    An example of data that's used in these types of evaluations would be a site's Alexa rank. Alexa often lists and claims values that there is no way they would even have access too -- particularly with modern browsers blocking their tracking cookies. How do they know how much traffic a website gets? They don't they just pull a number out of their backside! NOTHING they list on their site seems to be based in fact!

    Be EXTREMELY skeptical about any of this type of nonsense.
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    I got fed up of waiting for my estimate so I will have a stab at 1.4 Million and thats a conservative estimate of its net worth as a site link and web crawler puller as the site gets more than its fare share of web crawler molestation.
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    I don;t see any added content other than pure service. I would love to see great contents though.
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    there are so much site give you word its have some factor.
    but this is not true. that's worth are really yours and any one can buy. if you are using google adsense then if your monthly earning was 100$ then your site will sell in 1200$ only...
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    Calculating the website worth is not as easy as we think and these engines that you use gives poor estimation and more over when you are selling your website to some one then there are various things that must be taken in care like the scope of today, scope of present and the greatest thing matter is your presentation. The way you present before buyer decides how much amount you are going to get.
    All the best hope you will get the best revenue from your website....
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    Thread closed.
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