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Thread: JS Slider Showing Small Image & Fixes After Refresh - IN DRUPAL

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    JS Slider Showing Small Image & Fixes After Refresh - IN DRUPAL

    Hello, I have a slider (with currently just one slide) that is having issues where when you first hit the page it shows you the image very tiny, then after refresh it shows it large. We've had this issue accross multiple computers and browsers, and have cleared cache on browser and in drupal.

    The code is at http://pastebin.com/JKUmBp0q.

    Thats the JS Code for it. It appears the slider element has a dynamically generated width="" attribute that changes to the correct value after refresh. Any help is appreciated in solving this annoying issue!

    Thank you very much!

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    You are asking a JQuery question in a JavaScript forum, try asking in the JavaScript frameworks and post your code in forum tags [CODE]...[/CODE] and not a link.
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