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    How many character is best in the title ?

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    Do you mean the title tag, or the title attribute? I'm going to assume the former.

    You have to remember what <title> is FOR. It's there to act as text for off-site links to use when linking to the page (like on a SERP), for browsers to use in the window title bar, as the text for a tab, and generally any other non-content references to the site.

    Which is why really long titles is pretty darned pointless; IT is NOT a place to blindly stuff with keywords...

    Generally I like to use the format:

    Page Title - Site Title

    Separated by a hyphen (I still don't know where the raging chodo most people have for vertical breaks came from -- looks ugly and isn't even how the browsers handle it).

    For example:
    <title>EWI USB</title>

    <title>News - EWI USB</title>

    <title>Major Site Update - EWI USB</title>

    That's basically what it's FOR... which is why stuffing it with useless paragraphs and phrases filled with keywords, having it the same on multiple pages of different content, and so forth is useless trash.

    I try to use the rule of thumb of 76 characters just because it's a common limitation, like in "quoted text" in various RFC's including the one for e-mails; though really I don't keep track of it because I usually just use the tag properly for what it's for -- which means I don't have to even think about it as a problem.

    We look at the first page in your sig, and that's what I mean by "abuse" of it. Pointlessly redundant, vertical break characters (some halfwits call the | character a "pipe", that's not the character's name, that's just what it does in sh) -- how does repeating the same phrase three times tell us what site we're on and what page of the site we are on? If anything, that title is guaranteed to get you slapped down for black hat SEO abuse.

    It's' the same as how people have abused meta[keywords] into being useless. It's supposed to be 7 or 8 words that exist inside BODY you want a ranking boost on, not a place to endlessly dump short rewordings of the same phrases over and over again. As I often say, it's keyWORDS, not keyphrases, not keysentences, keyWORDS.

    TITLE gets abused in much the same way, and it's more likely to get your title ignored by search engines and to be useless to users, than it is to be of any actual use when abused that way.
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    Oh, and notice how it's used on these forums ... most forum software does an EXCELLENT job of using them properly... Like this thread you called "title", so this forum made it <title>title</title>

    You pull up 'new posts', you get <title>Search Results - Webdeveloper.com</title>

    It's what it's FOR.

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    Google requires you to use only 48 to 62 characters for your page title. You can include secondary and primary keywords within this character limit. The limit was 70 characters but the google has cut it short as part of an experiment. As far as meta descriptions are concerned, the limit is 150 character.
    Hope this helps, Thanks,

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    If your make your title tag with black hat techniques use 90 to 100 characters with keyword stuffing.White hat technique means use 60 to 70 characters.

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