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Thread: modify the URL of a web page then load the new modified URL

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    Exclamation modify the URL of a web page then load the new modified URL

    i want to create a script "bookmarklet" that loads the original images instead of the watermarked ones which are loaded by default from the website "fansshare.com"

    loading the original image from the site could be done by modifying the URL of the watermarked image, & the modifications would be as follows:

    watermarked image : http://img26.fansshare.com/cached/ph...1630765198.jpg

    original image : http://us.cdn001.fansshare.com/photo...1630765198.jpg

    so basically i want to replace "http://img26.fansshare.com/cached" with "http://us.cdn001.fansshare.com" & keep the rest of the URL unattached then go to the new URL.

    I found a script that could add text to the URL but i didn't know how to make it replace text in the URL rather than just add to it



    i would be very thankful if any one could help me modify the above script to make it work as i wanted to be

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    url = "http://img26.fanshare.com/...";
    prefix = "us.cdn001";
    // Assuming that img26 will always be constant and the unwatermarked Url prefix is also constant, you can ...
    alert( url );
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