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Thread: Bought the domain, no website yet

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    Question Bought the domain, no website yet

    Hello all!
    First of all, i just registered so i'm a new user here.

    I really have no idea where i should post this question, so i post it here.

    So my story is, i'm working on a new website. I already bought the domain, and i have a hosting at the registrator, so my domain points there. Currently when i open it in my browser, it is just a plain white background.

    Should i leave it empty, or what, the website is in work in progress ( i didn't start working on it yet ), is it recommended to do something before the website is done?
    If yes, what should i do?

    Thanks !!!

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    Odds are no one will see the blank white page unless they type your domain name by accident.

    You could put up a "Under Construction" type notice and tell people a brief description of what the site will be about and invite them to come back at a later date.
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