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Thread: windows.open() function opens new tab instead of new window in IE11

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    windows.open() function opens new tab instead of new window in IE11

    Dear Team,

    Im migrating my application from ie8 to ie11. The below code opens a new window in ie 8 as expected but in ie 11 it opens a new tab.

    I checked in microsoft website, they told to change internet pop up settings.
    But i need to make some changes in code itself so that it creates new window instead of new tab.

    Is there a method/code available to force the ie11 to open new window instead of new tab.

    Please advice.

    Below is the code which opens new window in ie 8 and new tab in ie11.

    window.open("<%=CfSPBPropertyWrapper.getInstance().getProperty("cfLink")%>?actionName=SP_ACON_LD_CAC_QUEUE&viewName=spbill_f_clc_que&SPB_HIDDEN_APPLICATION_ID=2&SPB_INPUT_NUMBER="+No);<a class="iotext"  name="Number" href="#" onclick="javascript:loadPage('<%=item.getWITypeID()%>','<%=item.getNumber()%>');" ><%=Utility.nullToString(item.Number())%></a>

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    You can't force on to people what they don't want, be happy with what you get!
    --> JavaScript Frameworks like JQuery, Angular, Node <--
    ... and please remember to wrap code with forum BBCode tags:-

    [CODE]...[/CODE] [HTML]...[/HTML] [PHP]...[/PHP]

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    You'd HATE my browser setup -- window.open doesn't even do anything; hell I wish there was a way to block that stupid malfing TARGET attribute that has no business on any non-frameset website written after 1997.

    Though honestly, it looks like you're just opening it for one lousy anchor? Why not just apo a DIV over your content and put it there?

    Though it looks like you've got VB scripting in there via ASP (or something similar) -- that nonsense is filled with bad practices not designed to work in any modern browser; outright blocked in many due to security risks.

    Seriously, I'd axe the window.open nonsense and just handle it on the existing page. It was an annoyingly bad thing a decade ago, it has no business on any modern browser and is blocked in many of them by default for a reason!

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