I am a developer (both Python and PHP) who is looking for a new laptop or computer, and I'd like to hear colleagues' opinions on this. I am doubting whether I should take a Windows computer and a Mac. Is there someone who can add something useful to this discussion? Please, leave religion aside.

What do I want to do with it?
Install Python 3.4 and many associated libraries/packages
Install a *AMP stack
Install Eclipse
Develop applications, in which I use an SQL database, which needs to be approached by both Python and PHP.

What is important to me?
For me, it is very important that everything is easy to install, both the programs mentioned above as programs that I don't know yet that I want them in the future. For instance, to install Python and libraries, I was thinking of using Anaconda, even though they do not have support (yet) for the python-mysql connector. I rather spend $100 more, if this saves me a day of frustration.