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Thread: Where to find jobs for webdeveloper company? Tips?

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    Question Where to find jobs for webdeveloper company? Tips?


    I have just started a webdeveloper/webdesign company. I have one problem, i cant find company that want a new website?
    Does someone have any idea how to get project to work with? How did u get companies to hire you? Or does someone know anyone who needs a website?

    Hope you guys can help!

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    Firstly, you will need a website and portfolio and if you were targeting the Western world businesses, you'd want to have an English speaking manager representing you that actually believed in your company. If you need one, let me know.

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    Obviously in job portals or in newspaper or forums or classifieds or at groups

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    Everyone today thinks they are web developers, from school children to their grand parents. The bottom-end of the market is saturated. Whereas the top end (where there is real money to be made) require an extensive skill set, professionalism, and a track record.

    If your "company" has funding, employees, etc. then, unless you have a realistic business plan, backed up by business contacts, or a bloody good sales force, it is likely to go belly-up quite quickly.

    If, on the other hand, it is just you and your mate hoping to make some pocket money you might get some experience , and start building up a track record, by doing sites for friends, clubs and societies, though whether you will be able to charge much (or anything) is another matter!

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    You can start with freelancer or ***** or fiverr make you portfolio first.

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    Currently I am using freelancer.com to build up a Portolio. There might be networking events in which you can find high level clients locally.

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    I wouldnt recommend freelancer because there are too many issues on the website. Elance is good, however I believe the best way to secure business on a regular basis is Google Adwords.

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    There are many websites which are providing jobs opptertunites online. I love the naukrigulf.com and bayt.com.

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    If you have a budget I would suggest you hire a seo agency to rank you for some keywords that matter in your area...Do you have a budget?

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