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Thread: Looking for a Developer to take over my website kanopi.com

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    Looking for a Developer to take over my website kanopi.com


    I began creating a commercial real estate listing platform called kanopi.com in october. The site is now live but I am unhappy with the current team who is developing our site. I am looking to begin working with a new developer to complete our site as well as maintain it.

    The site is called kanopi.com we are in the processes of rolling out several new additions to the site.

    New Broker login, reformatting of current search page.

    I am interested in having someone take a look at the site and give us an opinion of our site and changes that you could help us make to make it better. Right now with the current team everything takes forever to get done. Not being in this business before I am not sure if they are procrastinating or these things take as long as they say they do. The site seems to take forever to load on my computer but I am told that it loads fine one the developers computers. I have invested a lot of money currently and would just love some feedback.

    Please email me at alex@kanopico.com if interested.



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    I sent email.

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    Hello Alex,

    I reviewed given site kanopi.com, first of all i can say it's not HTML validate or Not done as per Google Guideline like basic seo terms. i would like to suggest you Fix those error first. (Going to send email for the same).

    If you think to redo that will be best decision to get better ROI. Kindly check email and reply me For the error and bug fixing what currently on site.


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