I'm currently in the process of exploring a website idea that I have in mind. There isn't any other website like it yet (though it should) and I suspect it has a lot of potential to snowball into something substantial. (excuse me for being vague)

The problem is it will be too complex to build myself, and at the moment I don't have the funds to hire a professional team to make it. (Well, unless I sell my house that is)
So the operative question being, what exactly are my options?

1) Is it for example common to engage a sponsor who will fund the whole endeavor for a large cut of the projected income once the site takes off?

2) Or is it perhaps possible to engage a webdeveloper(/team) directly and propose a deal? (ie, little or no fee, but XX% shares of the website/company)

- And if so, how would one go about on finding those business partners?
- And if not, what other options are there really?

As for myself, I'm currently working out all the wireframes for every page. The UI, the functional design, Andsoforth.
i.e: Most of the thought & number crunching for a website will be done before the actual website building will start. Which should reduce the cost of development significantly in case I do decide to hire a webdeveloping company myself.

Thank you for reading. I'm interested in hearing from others, how to best address this issue.