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Thread: How i up great my site with XML?

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    How i up great my site with XML?

    Hi there !
    actually i want to know about how i up great my site with XML i mean that usage also mention there so than i will work on it properly i sure there you know well what i am wanting to learn......!
    thanks in advance to all .....!\\
    regard:Sameer shokat

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    I'm not sure what you are asking? Do you have specific issues? How is XML relevant to them? I think we need you to flesh out what you are asking...

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    I think he is trying to know how you create a sitemap and upload it into the server?

    There are sites that create sitemaps for you like here: http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/

    Then you upload the sitemap into the folder of the site on your server using FTP. Then you can use Google Webmaster to let Google know you have created a sitemap.

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    How you worked that out amazes me.

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    If it really concerns XML sitemap, then you can find XML sitemap generators on the web. It it specifically concerns Wordpress platform, thet you can use a dedicated plugin.

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