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Thread: what is the indexing algorithm

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    what is the indexing algorithm

    what is the indexing algorithm google using to index the site

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    You are asking for the impossible. That is probably Google's most guarded secret. So-called "experts" can infer what that algorithm does based upon results, such as when "Panda" or "Penguin" (or whatever cute name is attached) slap down a bunch of over-SEOed sites. Then those "experts" will tell you how to "fix" your site -- until the next smack-down/algorithm update.

    The only term you need for SEO: "Relevant Content"
    And that's Google's algorithm in a nutshell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin2 View Post
    Then those "experts" will tell you how to "fix" your site -- until the next smack-down/algorithm update.
    ... and again, these forums REALLY need a 'like' button.

    ... and it is fun watching the SEO "experts" run around like chickens with their heads cut off every time there's a change -- just as it's equally sad to watch the same "experts" attack everything Matt Cutts says on the subject; gee you'd think his job was slapping down people abusing search with SEO hoodoo-voodoo.

    But as he's said for ages, write for the visitors, not the search engines; which makes most of what people call "SEO" little more than gaming the system in a manner that WILL get you slapped down sooner than later.

    In addition to making the sites less useful to visitors in most cases. SEO FTMFW -- NOT!

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    Once you developed the new website, You want to submit to search engines, These is also known as Indexing, and it is also known as crawling.

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    Google caffeine and Humming bird is also related to Indexing algo

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