I am using onepagecms.php in a clients website so he can add/edit content to the website himself, it all works ok but just need help with a couple of things if possible please

The first is the HTML editor, it uses tiny mce but is really basic and be nice to use a more advanced editor so text colour and size can be changed etc

The second is the link part of the editor

If the client selects a bit of text and makes it a link, he has to put the link in manually but he wants to upload PDF files to the website, just seeing if is a better way to do it, I am guessing it's the editor that needs to be better, be nice to use ckeditor but can't work out how to add it in as when I tried it, the text editor is blank and can't do nothing, I downloaded onepagecms.php from the following link


Thank you in advance

Kind regards