Hi all,

Website development often requires screenshots, revised screenshots, comments / feedback / discussion etc. Email sucks for this so can anyone suggest any good tools? Ideally I would like

1) a URL for a particular topic showing any entries in chronological order

2) the ability to upload screenshots

3) privacy settings that allow me to decide whether a particular URL requires a sign in

4) connected to #3 - no requirement for people to sign up for an account (eg a Google account or whatever) except maybe for advanced functionality

Email might still be ok for some short comments etc as long as the main content ie what is being discussed is in the URL.

I could do this with either forum software (as used by webdeveloper.com) or my own website but can anyone please suggest any good tools? I am thinking of things like asana.com although I am not sure yet if asana can do my 1 -4 above.