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Thread: Integration of Paypal Payment Gateway in PHP website.

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    Integration of Paypal Payment Gateway in PHP website.

    Hi All
    I have a php website and i want to integrate a payment gateway. I purchase only domain ( means no other protection services, ssl security) and a reseller hosting. So i am confuse that i able to integrate payment gateway or not. So can anyone suggest me to all requirement of integration of gateway. Tell me what is initial requirement and which is best gateway for me. I am from India.
    Thanks in ADVANCE.

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    Hey there,

    PayPal is a great service if you need an online bank account. But their API is hard to work with. Although this isn't a helpful post I'd like you know there is an easier solution and built for developers; https://stripe.com/global - I don't believe they support India right now, but if your site doesn't sell in India, it may be a viable option. Ultimately it's up to you, but I find Stripe's API saves me a lot of time compared to PayPal and returns a purchase status (failed, accepted, etc) much faster than PayPal's IPN service.

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