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Thread: Contact Button Referencing http://...html.php

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    Contact Button Referencing http://...html.php

    My contact button on my website is referencing http://bayarearetractablescreen.com/contact.html.php and I haven't the slightest clue why. I know next to nothing about PHP but I've poked around the contact.php scripts and don't see anything that would reference my contact button. My HTML does not have .html.php in the link so I'm pretty much stumped.

    Interestingly enough on a different page of my site the contact button is referencing only http://bayarearetractablescreen.net/contact.php... no .html on this one. This was a bug on my part but the .php is still there. The theme I purchased in the interest of time had a built in Contact form in the footer which I removed. Could that have done it possibly? I removed the contact form that was built in because there was no contact.php for it and I can't tailor-make a contact form myself.

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    Some code would be a good idea...

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    Honestly I'm not certain what you would need. Should I copy my contact.php or the section of HTML in question?

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    Hard to diagnose here, your domain name isn't even resolving.

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    Odd... I'll have to fix it at work tomorrow but I fixed the button I had my http pointed at screens with an a, the site is just screen. Not sure why that made it reference an extra file and add to my link but meh what's done is done. Thanks for trying tho. I felt pretty dumb after 3 hours when I look at it and just go "oh" haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meowmixz View Post
    I felt pretty dumb after 3 hours when I look at it and just go "oh" haha.
    Happens to the best of us... There's this thing in the mind where when we expect to see something, we see it, often to the exclusion of all other details. It's actually why one of the best methods to get around that little trick of the mind is to go through and read whatever you are working on BACKWARDS.

    Sounds silly, but it works -- be it professional writing of normal text, or code.

    Me, I spent two hours yesterday debugging some 8088/8086 assembly where my only problem was I used the keyword "DATA" instead of "CONST"... the two do much the same thing, but DATA only allocates the space, ignoring any declared values. Since "segment DATA" and "segment CONST" are usually both up in the same area of the code, I would never have found the flub if I hadn't taken the time to start going through it backwards.

    Like that trick:
    You put that on a big posterboard inside a triangle, ask people what it says, and the majority of them won't notice the mistake. Brain skips right over it.

    Spell HOST
    Spell MOST
    Spell ROAST
    Spell GHOST
    What do you put in a toaster?

    Mentalism, fun stuff.

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    You sir just absolutely blew my mind. Usually I go to lunch or take a 30 minute break when this happens to let my brain "reset." This is much more efficient...

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