Hello gurus,

This is my first post so far over the forums so I hope you are good listeners. Here goes my story:

I became very interested in "Front-end" web development in the last few months, I felt I will be so good at this field with more practice and knowledge so I didn't actually stall or think too, I went for it. I checked many web tutorials, invested some money into worthy instructional and educational books like HTML & CSS by Jon duckett and CSS3 missing manual and alot more. I finished the first book by Jon and dozens of tutorials, practiced alot with HTML and CSS but haven't grasped it fully since I know it requires more efforts. I am working on it and won't hop onto another language till I master them.

I know that HTML and CSS are sufficient to build simple static websites but I'm a kind of a person who gets worried about the future a bit earlier than I should. What language do you recommend me to learn? All people nearly recommended Javascript and its framework Jquery and I feel I am inclined that way, since my goal for now is to be able to create dynamic and interactive websites and leave the server-side scripting for other back-end developers for a while, till I master those client-end languages then I might consider going "full stack"

Would you also recommend Javascript? Or what do you think?

Additionally, do I really need to learn C language and its likings for web development? I don't feel them to be honest.

Thanks for your fruitful answers in advance.