Not sure if this is the best place to post this but since most things in Wordpress are PHP I figure it's the best place to start. The question is completely in regards to the proper way to handle this in WORDPRESS...

Ok, trying to think of a simple way to put this. I already have this feature implemented but it has it's issues and I feel that there is likely a cleaner more proper way to do it (or even a plugin recommendation if there is one already for this?). Most of my users are 'subscribers' and their profile url would be something simple like I believe.

BUT, those with the roll of "Premium" have their own author-premium.php template and their author profile URL's are

So I need subscribers to be normal wordpress default behavior I suppose. But anyone with the 'Premium" roll to use the author-premium.php template and have a url at (the dashes are because the nickname needs to be sanitized I believe).

The way we have it now Yoast's SEO plugin won't recognize any of the "premium" author roles to include in the sitemap I think because it's done incorrectly and in the themes function.php file. But I need Yoasts plugin to recognize these to include in the sitemap so that I don't have to make manual sitemap changes all the time. Somehow I just need to do this for sure the 'right way' for a whole bunch of reasons if that makes sense

Thanks for any advice with this!