Hello Experts,

I have a requirement where my client wants to implement a visual studios type of intellisence feature in a text area (comment area).

So if a user types @ with 2 extra chars like @DA then an intellisence dropdown will display with all the names starts with "DA" (with ajax call the dropdown is filled) and he selects a user say David from the list and move forward and put one more DOT ("."), then it will display one more intellisence dropdown with Phone & Address and user selects Phone from the list and move forward and Put a "." then it will make an Ajax request and pull all the Phones stored in DB for that user.

I am done with the first part where typing @Da i am able to display the dropdown with all names starts with Da but unable to proceed to the next part.

Could anybody help me in this, and more over is it possible ?

Dwipayan Das