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Thread: What the purpose of launching the spam algorithm 3.0 version?

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    What the purpose of launching the spam algorithm 3.0 version?

    Last June 12,2014 Google rolled out the new Spam Algorithm Version 3.0. The previous version of this spam algorithm 2.0 was targeting the specified spammy websites. Then what the purpose of launching the spam algorithm 3.0 version?

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    The official Google statement says that it targeted spammy queries.

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    Every day SEO-tards come up with new ways to try and cheat, gaming the system. That's all most of what the so called SEO "experts" do, particularly those who 'specialize' in it, or worse, have entire companies that do SEO as their only business -- they try and cheat, using sneaky tricks and outright lies to basically rip off site owners who don't know any better. It's a giant bundle of lies, fictions and marketing trickery -- sadly so many buy into it that many have deluded themselves into the belief that such garbage actually serves a legitimate purpose other than ripping off the ignorant, naive and innocent. There's a reason I consider them to be little more than predators.

    So as the scam artists and jackasses who seem to think their goofy tricks and fantasy-land bull are worth anyone's time come up with new methods of trying to trick search engines into listing their garbage first, Google and other search engines have to find a way to slap them down.

    Hence, updates. It's Google's way of kicking the hoodoo-voodoo snake oil doctors in the crotch.
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    @ deathshadow

    I basically agree, but I don't see the site owners necessarily as dupes. The fact is that it is possible, at least temporarily, to dupe the rating systems. If that were not the case, there would be little or no need to revise the algorithms. So I think that some of the site owners get precisely what they deserve. They know that they are employing snake oil merchants, they just don't care. The bottom line is: if site owners did not employ them, there wouldn't be any SEO "experts".
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