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Thread: Final Year Project Ideas (University)

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    Question Final Year Project Ideas (University)

    Hey Guys,

    Basically, I'm a student going into my final year of University. I recently finished a year-long placement. From the experience that I got there, I've decided that I want to become a front-end developer. I wish to continue on what I have learned and incorporate that into my Final Year Project. I'm also very open to learning a new language along the way with this project (e.g. php).

    I want to fully prepare for my final year and so, I am going to try and crack on with the proposal during my time off. Before that, I need to know what my topic is going to be and that's where I hope you guys can come in.

    Do you guys have any Final Year Project ideas for Web Development (Front-End)? Help will be appreciated.

    Thank You

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    whats in your mind? are you development website or something like that?

    or google it for projects you will found many related ideas

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    I was looking around for a project making extensive use of PHP arrays and came across the UK Crown Court sentencing guidelines. These give sentencing advice covering the whole range of offences tried in UK Crown Courts. They are available online in the form of a collection of separate booklets, with similar but not identical formats.

    Basically it is just a one page input form, with a PHP array performing the function of a database, but I was intrigued by the technical challenge of codifying the raw data into a consistent format which could be implemented as a web-based app. So documenting the design is as important as the resulting app.

    Perhaps you could find something similar, a body of information that could be codified, but currently is not...
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    Well although front end development is good but when it comes to a project so you only can't rely only on front end design, you must give them something dynamic which is possible only with PHP or .Net, so along with good interface also developed a complete website, it can be any kind of CMS.

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    Making of CMS is not so easy however you can try I suggest that you can start with php language so that will help you further develop full CMS

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    You can Develop a perfect dynamic website for your college as your final year project....

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