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Thread: JS Platform Problems

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    Unhappy JS Platform Problems

    I develop JS pages for Biology instruction and work on
    a Macintosh. I only develop within MSIE-Mac...don't have
    a PC to test with.

    Pages that work just fine in MSIE-Mac 5.0+ fail to work,
    in some aspects, in MSIE-PC 5 or 6.

    Microsoft does not seem to have any pages in their
    knowledge base outlining the differences between the JS
    implementation in MSIE-Mac and MSIE-PC. And
    unless you want to pay for support, they really don't have
    anything that works in terms of email support. So I'm here
    asking for help.

    Any ideas of where to go to find out about these "versions"
    of JS?


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    Why don't you start one?

    There should be plenty of people that use Windoze that would be willing to help you debug small chunks of code if you post it here.

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