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Thread: Hello Forum, my first post.

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    Wink Hello Forum, my first post.

    I'm Izzy, a lady with 2 cats and about 7,000 books. Probably older than most of you experts, but oddly in love with anything having to do with computers. Hey, some women knit, I code. Deal with it!! lol

    I'm just about to build a new computer (from the motherboard on up which will be a first for me, installed just about everything else hardware-wise).

    I've dabbled here and there with html, css, php coding over the years my greatest accomplishment being an image-based page counter (page hits) also done a few databases in my time (flat, that is).

    I've swung by the site over the years but never registered because now don't take this as an insult, I assure you it isn't the forum colors kind of give me a headache. Perhaps in the future the site owners might think about offering an alternative skin/theme a little less loud (just a thought). Looking forward to learning from you. 'night all.


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    hi, welcome

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