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Thread: Can Someone Help Me Read These Results?

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    Lightbulb Can Someone Help Me Read These Results?

    Hi Im new to the site, great website, ill be a wonderful contributor as my site grows hopefully i can get some help as I grow and my site gets bigger.. Ive been signed up With Adsense for A While but finally uploaded an ad to my site, well my site crashed and unfortunately had to start over well the ads have been on my site for a week and so far these are my readings on adsense im wondering if these trends so far are good? this is the results for one week?

    Estimated earnings

    Page views


    Page CTR


    Page RPM

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    In a week, two people have clicked on adverts on your site (or one person has clicked twice). So don't hold your breath waiting for the millions to roll in...

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    It's difficult to estimate the conversion of Adsense ads based on such a small sample of page views. However the CTR of 3,64% seems to be quite good.

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    thank you, im learning all this conversion rates and everything with adsense, adding more pages and getting everything up and running, and buying traffic sources once the page is done once the page is up ill post the link for you your review... i think the conversions will be much higher and the traffic will generate much higher

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    sorry didnt finish my sentence, "much higher coversions and clicks" which is common sense" now in adsense" do i have to add each page that i add "ads" to or just my main "page"

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