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Thread: Ecommerce Webiste for Heating Oil

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    Ecommerce Webiste for Heating Oil


    I am looking to start up an eCommerce website that allows users to buy home heating oil online. However the suppliers should also be able to log in and update their prices on a daily basis. I want the system to be able to compare the prices and take payment for the heating oil depending on what the user selects. Does anyone know the best way to go about doing this - i.e should I use a an ecommerce like woocommerce or should i start from scratch?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    It would be better if you were to negotiate a fee based on how much fuel is bought.

    If you want prices then it would be better if your suppliers would allow your site to scrape the data off their site rather than giving busy people more work to do.
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    What you should do depends on your experience. If, as I suspect is the case, you have little or no development experience, the best suggestion would be to get a reputable web development company to build it for you. However, do you have any experience of writing a specification for a development? If not, you may also need to employ an experienced project manager, to formalize the user requirements which form the basis of the legal contact, and to oversee the development. Do not underestimate the importance of a formal written spec. Without it there is little likelihood of success.

    If that is ruled out on cost or other grounds, you may wish to consider a self-build using a CMS, but I would strongly suggest caution. What you are asking for is not trivial. You could invest a lot of time and effort and end up with something not fit for purpose. And then if you decide to employ someone to sort it out, you might find that it costs more than binning it and starting from scratch!

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    What market is this for? US? UK?

    Do you have more than one supplier logging in or multiple suppliers logging in to set a price?
    If its multiple suppliers, WooCommerce looks a bit too simplistic

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    Hello There,

    I am willing to offer you help if you would like I could create the site for you, just drop me an email if your interested.

    With Regards,

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    If you are willing to develop the site by your own then it may take long time and much more necessary details. I recommend you to look for good ecommerce site themes from different providers and make you task easy. The best will be use wordpress or seosamuraiusa.

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