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Thread: in analytic tool what is the geographic?

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    in analytic tool what is the geographic?

    in analytic tool what is the geographic???????????????????????????????

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    It will help you identify locations

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    It shows the location of your website visitors. Analytic uses the IP address of your website's visitor to provide you back a general geographic report of your website visitors.

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    thanks you all mates for the information that you provides

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    Hi there,
    Yeah its true Analytic helped you about showing the right Location of your Website visitors and that will be good for us,& also helping in General Geographic report of your website visitors & that is the good sine for every one who used that fabulous Analytic tool with geographic .......its my mind my be some one disagree with my thoughts but some one is defiantly agree with me so if you have any positive idea about Analytic so please share with me your brilliant thoughts i am waiting here dear ....
    regard:Sameer shokat

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