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Thread: Can Hosting Server Effect SEO

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    Can Hosting Server Effect SEO

    Google Likes website having good speed.You can find fast speed by hosting your website at Dedicated Server.You must be avoid shared hosting on which more then 200 website are hosted.If you have not more Budgets then you can take hosting service from host provider that have minimum number of website.

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    So, what is the questions here? Of course that dedicated hosting will serve better than shared hosting. The second thing is location. It will effect to your SEO. For example, if you target your market in US, then you purchase Asia server, your SEO score wont be good

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    There are mainly two ways that changing hosting can affect rankings (slightly):
    - you switch to a slower server and your load time is worse. Google could potentially penalize you for this as they said loading time of a site is a ranking factor.
    - you switch it from one geographical location to another. Google does look at the IP of the host, especially for geo specific website. This is a minor factor and would most likely not affect your rankings if they are quite strong.

    I guess there is a third option is that there is a screw up during the transfer, your website goes down for a while.

    Other than that, it shouldn't be a big deal. If you move to a faster server, I wouldn't worry about the rankings and do it because there is nothing worse than slow loading sites. You probably loose more visitors because of that than because of a potential unlikely to happen loss of rankings.

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    Yes, Hosting effect SEO because your website ranking depends on Website load time. A website with high speed is user freindly and its gave good ranking.....
    Second is your Server location also.

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    I think Hosting also effects in ranking any type of website, so choose the best server to your website hosting to good result in ranking.

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    Hosting affect many factors such as sitespeed, so yes, it will affect SEO partially.

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