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Thread: Wordpress - Contactform7 email

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    Wordpress - Contactform7 email

    Hey guys,

    I ran into this website while googling my questions so I thought to give it a try here.
    Im using Contactform7 for my contactforms.
    My websites and mailservers are hosted on different places, because of this the emails sent from the form are received as 'on behalf of.'

    When someone fills in the contactform, the email is received as this:
    mydomainname@vm01.myhostingcompany.net on behalf of <mail inserted in form>.

    Normally I use an SMTP plugin, to bypass this but recently I have come across issues with it.
    I was wondering if any skilled developer might know a different solution...
    Perhaps editing the code of CF7.

    Any guidance ?

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    Have you try to fill the "Reply-to" ?

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    Yes, but didn't work

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    You can try to better rearrange the plugin.

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