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Thread: differences between HTML4 and HTML5

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    differences between HTML4 and HTML5


    What are differences between HTML4 and HTML5?

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    1) HTML5 Is a Work in Progress
    2) Simplified Syntax
    3) The New <canvas> Element
    4) The <header> and <footer> Elements
    5) New <section> and <article> Elements
    6) New <menu> and <figure> Elements and new audio & video elements
    7) No More <frame>, <center>, <big>
    hope it will help you

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    There are also numerous additions to CSS3, which are not part of HTML5 but are often lumped together. Beware not all of CSS3 is supported by current browsers, and some features that are supported require browser-specific syntax.

    Oh, and don't forget that IE8 (and lower) are not HTML5/CSS3 compatible, so you need to use HTML5/CSS3 carefully, to allow graceful degradation on legacy browsers.

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    HTML is simple HyperText Markup Language which is continuously improving, HTML 4 was previous version while HTML 5 is the new one, many changed were made in HTML 5 so that user can get better website then before. HTML 5 Improving quality of website then HTML 4.

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