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Thread: [RESOLVED] Multistage form resets to start

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Multistage form resets to start

    I'm working on a multistage form . The problem is that it wont get past the 3rd stage . If you click continue it resets back to the start.

    Here is a like to the page on my server - http://www.mk18.co.uk/test

    I have a feeling its probably to do with the java script , but at one point it did work.

    You can view the full page code by viewing the source.

    EDIT : Variables valid1 and valid2 are defined , the probelm seems to be in the processPhase3() function

    EDIT 2 : I changed the if (valid1 && valid2) in processPhase3 to if(email.length > 1){ to make sure it wasnt the valid1 / 2 causing the problem. It now lets me through , but then takes me to step one after step 4 has loaded.

    Function :

    function processPhase3() {
    var tele = document.getElementById("Ctelephone");
    var pattern2 = tele.getAttribute("pattern2");
    var re1 = new RegExp(pattern2);     
    var valid1 = re1.test(tele.value);
    if (valid1) {
    //alert("matches phone!")
    } else {
    //alert("pattern doesn't match...")
    var mail = document.getElementById("Cemail");
    var pattern3 = mail.getAttribute("pattern3");
    var re2 = new RegExp(pattern3);     
    var valid2 = re2.test(mail.value);
    if (valid2) {
    //alert("matches email!")
    } else {
    //alert("pattern doesn't match...")
    phone = _("Ctelephone").value;
    mobile = _("Cmobile").value;
    email = _("Cemail").value;
    if (valid1 && valid2) { // This is a test to make sure its not the valid1 and valid2 doing it. Partly true
    _("phase3").style.display = "none";
    _("phase4").style.display = "block";
    _("progressBar").value = 99;
    _("status").innerHTML = "Step 4";
    } else {

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