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Thread: What is fast loading wordpress theme?

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    What is fast loading wordpress theme?

    I see some sites loading time is very first like http://lifehacker.com/ and http://mashable.com/. But my own site http://www.avowzone.com loading time is slow. I want to buy a fast loading wordpress theme for my site.

    Can you suggest me some theme name?


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    Neither of the two sites you quote are particularly fast loading, at least not on ADSL broadband. However, from a brief look, I'm not sure whether either of them were WP sites anyway, so why do you expect a WP site to load as fast as them???

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    Try to choose plugin beside the theme it self, because the speed of your page depend on what plugin u r running, and what plugin did u use to boost your webpage speed

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    You can see the popular themes...
    * GoodWork
    * Magnolia
    * Chaos Theory
    * zBench
    * The Arialist
    * Minimalist
    * TwentyTen
    * Suburbia
    * Blogum
    * Swift
    * Oenology

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