Just wanted to say hi, and let you know of an opensource github project I have started.
I first started RediMongo back in 2011-12 when I was working for a telco company. That company was working on a side project which they later closed (unrelated to this project)
RediMongo will be designed for bloggers, websites and businesses who want to use MongoDB as their database but want a site software that is as close to Wordpress but with it's own flavor.

RediMongo is currently in v3 edition - However saying this I am completely recoding it from the ground up.

So who am I?
I am the owner of iPetFindr.com a new pet product company we used RediMongo v1.5 when we first launched the site a few years ago - since then we have closed the site for the time being but we are working on building a new SocialMongo which at its base is part of the RediMongo Family - SocialMongo is not due to be released to the public however.

I have been developing websites for 10 years, and am currently studying Diploma in Web Development after 8 years of people telling me the only reason you don't have a high paying job is because of a piece of paper.
any way please visit

and feel free to download and modify it as you need - it is a work in progress and all suggestions welcomed.
- after you do the config file /system/config.php you will need to run site.com/redi-admin/ and fillout the install page after you install please remove that file in redi-admin/install.php