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Thread: Web Designer Portfolio

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    Web Designer Portfolio


    I am new here, so I would like to ask you what do you think about my portfolio and web/graphic design skills.
    I have 8 years of experience in Web / Graphic Design and I was working a lot of time as freelancer. From November 2013 I'm Web Designer on Glasgoweb company in UK and freelancer after 5 p.m.

    My portfolio: http://www.seamota.com
    Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/seamota


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    Well, it would be nice if it finished loading sometime today... Big empty white nothingness with a fixed menu at the bottom?

    Oh wait, there's some goofy video like how Paypal went and pissed all over their website reducing it's utility and usefulness because some "artist" said so.

    UHG, slow painful scrolling parallax garbage. Hate that on every site that does it.

    Incomplete non-standard abbreviated nonsense in an illegible white over a high brightness picture? RIGHT.

    From a usability standpoint it's a very fancy but ultimately useless laundry list of how NOT to design a website. The painful page load, jerky scrolling thanks to that parallax crap and images too big to even be on a website for presentation in the first place... it's a desperate attempt to sweep a complete lack of content under the rug by throwing meaningless images and endless pointless "gee ain't it neat" tricks at it. You'll probably do great preying on the ignorance of the average "suit with a checkbook" who's all about "ooh shiny" and has no clue what usability, functionality, sustainability, maintainability or accessibility are.

    I won't even go into details about that multi-megabyte mess' code, since it pretty much reeks of every "how not to code a website" too -- what I expect when a half dozen "frameworks" are slapped atop the disaster known as turdpress.

    My advice, throw it out and start over, there's nothing worth salvaging from that mess. What you are making are poster-children for everything WRONG with web development today.

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    You really must do something about the horrendous load time, and I don't mean add more code! I aborted the load because I don't like that much crap being download to my machine even before I've decided whether it is worth it! What it's like on a mobile I shudder to think.

    Seriously, have you tested your site on anything less than cable broadband? It would open your eyes to the down-side of CMSs and frameworks for everything!

    Yes - They enable you to create a site that might otherwise be outside your expertise. But at the cost of gross code bloat. That's all right for pre-release prototyping on a local server, but for a live site? Well - no, not without careful optimization which may or may not be feasible.

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    I wasn't on the workstation when I posted before, but...

    20 megabytes in 125 files? That is over ONE HUNDRED-THIRTY times the filesize I'd allow for an entire page, and in terms of handshakes you're 'real world' looking at a minimum handshaking overhead of 12 seconds, an average of 24 seconds, and a worst case scenario of over two minutes just in the browser and server going:

    UA: Do you have this file?
    SERVER: Yes I have that file.
    UA: Can I have that file?
    SERVER: Yes you can have that file.
    UA: Ok, send me that file.
    SERVER: Here it comes.

    You've made no attempts and image optimization, and the sheer number of file counts is disastrously high. 37 JavaScripts totalling 1.5 megabytes? Your scripting ALONE is ten times the size I allow for an entire page on a normal site's HTML, CSS, images and scripts to reach.

    Much less the ridiculous 21 CSS files totalling 525k -- much of that is the stupid webfont nonsense (ridiculous when all you seem to have is an arial ripoff) but even so there's no legitimate reason for any website to have more than 2 CSS files per media target (like screen, print, aural) with an upper limit of 48k for the entire site other than insufficient knowledge of CSS to be building websites in the first place.

    Which I think is your problem. You've got the artsy stuff down, but you don't know enough about bandwidth, handshaking, accessibility, efficient content delivery, HTML, CSS or JavaScript to be designing websites.

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    For any Web Designer the Portfolio is much more important. For any customer looking to give project means they will see the portfolio of the designer, based on that they will judge.

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    It is true that the portfolio in itself is more important, but it has to be accessible. This site is a classic example of why being a capable designer is only part of the skill set needed to build web sites.


    Deathshadow's comments may seem harsh, but there are fundamental issues with the site:
    - Images need to be optimized, particularly if they are large and/or there are a lot of them.
    - Twenty-odd CSS files is just a joke. How can you possibly need that many???

    You need to slim down the site.

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