Hi everyone,

first at all excuse my english. I'm from germany. So I'm the Co-Founder of a new Start Up and i'm developing our prototype atm. I have to make a big decision and could need some help.

I'm considering two programming languages for the server-side implementation. The Choices are Express.JS (Node.JS) or PHP. Each language has its benefits.

The project is a type of a social network. The main aspect is a very large database, which is constantly in use. We are talking about 500k-1000k registered Users at peak.

So, lets list the benefits of the languages:


has socket.io
is non-blocking
easy to learn
both JS on Server and Client
=> fast applications and minimized Server-Costs
less employees which are good
the employees cost much money
not so many documentation and helpers (frameworks etc) as PHP


Very wide spreaded language
very much documentation and frameworks
easy to handle
many many and cheap employees
slow in the execution if there are is so much DATA

In Both cases it would be a Restless API

Can you give me some advice?