Hello JavaScript Expert.

I created an HTML file with embedded JavaScript that interacts with the Google Maps API. Everything works but on certain machines I receive an "Access is Denied" error when I try to execute the JavaScript code from MS Access VBA.

Call Forms("frmMap").WebBrowser.Document.parentWindow.execScript("initialize()", "", "JavaScript")

I cannot isolate why this error is thrown on some machines and why everything works on others. The machines only have Internet Explorer.

Yesterday I had access to a machine that generated the error with the below specs:

Internet Explorer 11
Security settings at Medium-Low
Windows 7 64 Bit SP 1
Windows Updates set to automatic.

The same issue does occur on another machine with IE 8 running Windows 7.

I cannot reproduce the error on my machine. I tried playing with many Internet Explorer settings but I just cannot reproduce the error and I am out of ideas as to what could be causing this error on some machine but not others.

I appreciate any suggestions or advice.

Thank you