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Thread: Trying to understand code.

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    Trying to understand code.

    I'm a newbie n trying to understand a code but got stuck in a portion, not sure why it is written like this in code . Is there any other way to write this . Please help me understand it.

    Var entry ={
    'Wise' : true, //don't go offscreen ,don't overlap
    'Margin':10, // minimum allowed distance
    'Gap' :0,
    'Align' : 'tcbc'


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    var entry = {}; or it could be var entry = new Object(); the {} is short hand for Object()

    var entry = {};
    entry.Wise = true;
    entry.Margin = 10;
    entry.Gap = 0;
    entry.Align = "tcbc";

    You could also use the with clause,

    Wise = true;
    Margin = 10;
    Gap = 0;
    Align = "tcbc";

    but that is now frowned upon and not valid when you are using the strict method of JavaScript which is something relativity new and IMHO a pain in the rear because some stuffed shirt in ECMAScript standardization organisation is trying to justify their job position.

    As you can see, the method you already have is the shortest method of creating an object with properties that have values.
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    Please make sure your keyword casing is correct (eg. var), JavaScript is very strict about that too. Semi-colon at the end of your assignments please ( ; )
    Object member keys do not need to be quoted usually, so this is also correct and will conform to strict mode as well:

    var entry = {
    	Wise   : true, //don't go offscreen ,don't overlap
    	Margin : 10,   //minimum allowed distance
    	Gap    : 0,
    	Align  : 'tcbc'

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    Nice explanations.

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