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Thread: Techniques to Show product options in product list

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    Techniques to Show product options in product list

    Displaying product options like colors, sizes, price… in the product list gives an incentive to the customer to select and purchase a product. It is likely not possible to achieve these options by installing default Magento alone. In this article, we will recommend some effective methods to show options for the configurable and product options in product list. Check them out!

    Showing options for Configurable products

    Reality: You can both show all options for the product and add and customize price to each of the options. Just follow these steps:

    1. Create Acatalog module with AHT namespace (app/local/AHT/Acatalog)
    2.Create a file named app/etc/modules/AHT_Acatalog.xml to activate the module:
    3. Create a file named app/local/AHT/Acatalog/ect/config.xml with the following content
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    4. Create a file named app/local/AHT/Acatalog/Block/Product/List.php to overwrite the block of Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_List with the following content:
    classAHT_Acatalog_Block_Product_List extends Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_List {
    public function getPriceJsonConfig($product) {
     $config = array();
    if (!$product->getTypeInstance(true)->hasOptions($product)) {
    return Mage::helper('core')->jsonEncode($config);
    $_request = Mage::getSingleton('tax/calculation')->getDefaultRateRequest();
     $defaultTax = Mage::getSingleton('tax/calculation')->getRate($_request);
    $_request = Mage::getSingleton('tax/calculation')->getRateRequest();
     $currentTax = Mage::getSingleton('tax/calculation')->getRate($_request);
    $_regularPrice = $product->getPrice();
     $_finalPrice = $product->getFinalPrice();
    if ($product->getTypeId() == Mage_Catalog_Model_Product_Type::TYPE_BUNDLE) {
     $_priceInclTax = Mage::helper('tax')->getPrice($product, $_finalPrice, true, null, null, null, null, null, false);
     $_priceExclTax = Mage::helper('tax')->getPrice($product, $_finalPrice, false, null, null, null, null, null, false);
     } else {
     $_priceInclTax = Mage::helper('tax')->getPrice($product, $_finalPrice, true);
     $_priceExclTax = Mage::helper('tax')->getPrice($product, $_finalPrice);
     $_tierPrices = array();
     $_tierPricesInclTax = array();
    foreach ($product->getTierPrice() as $tierPrice) {
     $_tierPrices[] = Mage::helper('core')->currency(
     Mage::helper('tax')->getPrice($product, (float) $tierPrice['website_price'], false) - $_priceExclTax
     , false, false);
     $_tierPricesInclTax[] = Mage::helper('core')->currency(
     Mage::helper('tax')->getPrice($product, (float) $tierPrice['website_price'], true) - $_priceInclTax
     , false, false);
     $config = array(
     'productId' => $product->getId(),
     'priceFormat' => Mage::app()->getLocale()->getJsPriceFormat(),
     'includeTax' => Mage::helper('tax')->priceIncludesTax() ? 'true' : 'false',
     'showdIncludeTax' => Mage::helper('tax')->displayPriceIncludingTax(),
     'showBothPrices' => Mage::helper('tax')->displayBothPrices(),
     'productPrice' => Mage::helper('core')->currency($_finalPrice, false, false),
     'productOldPrice' => Mage::helper('core')->currency($_regularPrice, false, false),
     'priceInclTax' => Mage::helper('core')->currency($_priceInclTax, false, false),
     'priceExclTax' => Mage::helper('core')->currency($_priceExclTax, false, false),
     * @varskipCalculate
     * @deprecated after
     'skipCalculate' => ($_priceExclTax != $_priceInclTax ? 0 : 1),
     'defaultTax' => $defaultTax,
     'currentTax' => $currentTax,
     'idSuffix' => '_clone',
     'oldPlusDisposition' => 0,
     'plusDisposition' => 0,
     'plusDispositionTax' => 0,
     'oldMinusDisposition' => 0,
     'minusDisposition' => 0,
     'tierPrices' => $_tierPrices,
     'tierPricesInclTax' => $_tierPricesInclTax,
    $responseObject = new Varien_Object();
     Mage::dispatchEvent('catalog_product_view_config', array('response_object' => $responseObject));
    if (is_array($responseObject->getAdditionalOptions())) {
    foreach ($responseObject->getAdditionalOptions() as $option => $value) {
     $config[$option] = $value;
    return Mage::helper('core')->jsonEncode($config);
    public function getViewTypeConfigurableBlock($product) {
     $block = new Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_View_Type_Configurable();
     $block->setData('product', $product);
    return $block;
    5. Create 2 javascript files named js/AHT/product.js and js/AHT/configurable.js

    (See attached). Create a file named

    app/design/frontend/default/default/layout/aht_acatalog.xml to add the javascript:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <layout version="0.1.0">
    <reference name="head">
    <action method="addJs"><script>AHT/product.js</script></action>
    <action method="addJs"><script>AHT/configurable.js</script></action>
    <reference name="head">
    <action method="addJs"><script>AHT/product.js</script></action>
    <action method="addJs"><script>AHT/configurable.js</script></action>
    6. Copy list.phtml from the folder app/design/frontend/base/default/template/catalog/product/ to the folder app/design/frontend/default/default/acatalog/product/ and find the line:
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