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Thread: Are JSON search filter forms inefficient?

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    Are JSON search filter forms inefficient?

    Hey guys I have noticed many developers are starting to implement search filter forms that are using JS, here is a great example: http://www.motors.co.uk/search/car/

    If you search vehicles it will automatically update their obviously using Ajax for that part though.

    I need to create the same kind of search and filter form that lists vehicles for a local vehicle dealer I'm working with, at first I was going to use the conventional PHP form however the JSON method seems so much more flexible.

    Motors.co.uk has managed to use this method and can list 100,000's of cars which is starting to make me wonder how they manage it? I only need to display about 120 vehicles which is nothing compared to motors.co.uk.

    All my vehicle data is stored in MySQL I am thinking of creating a PHP script to turn all of that data into a JSON format, I will then display the data however I like from there.

    Would you say this method would work, is there anything I need to be careful of?


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    I'm not entirely sure what you are proposing.
    The way that the really big sites do this sort of thing tends to be quite complicated, but basically the server will do most of the hard work of querying the database, and will only return the relevant results - the use of AJAX / JSON makes everything a little slicker than old school HTML, but fundamentally the browser is just there to display what the server tells it to.

    Sites that have quite a small data set may send the entire DB over to the client, and allow JS to filter it, as well as to display the results. This tends to keep the server side very simple, which may well suit the small developer better than having to do a lot of work in a server-side language, as well as doing work in JS/CSS/HTML

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