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Thread: Hello Just A Quick and Rush Question!

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    Hello Just A Quick and Rush Question!

    Hello. I'm trying to find out how to do this: http://novembro.net/es/video/piernas

    The link redirects you to a fullscreen video website. What I want to know is how to add what seems to be some kind of filter "ON" the video.Or at least I want to know how it's called so I can google it. I don't know what to type exactly in the search engine and if I type "video filter" thousands of results are displayed.

    If you zoom in, there are some kind of gray/black squares on the video. If anyone can tell me / teach me what it is, I'll appreciate it. Thanks!

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    I'm not sure what you are asking. The visible dots are the pixels of the graphic image which is magnified to fill the screen. That looks to me like a GIF format animation, as opposed to MPEG video, which gets blurry when magnified.

    Oops wrong. Well it could have been done with GIF but its actually a small transparent PNG image of pixel-sized dots repeated horizontally and vertically which is overlaid on the video to give the raster effect.
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    Sorry for the very late reply jedaisoul and yes you are correct! "Raster Effect" is the term that I've been looking for, since I don't know what it's called. Now I can search for tutorials on how to apply this on my website images or videos or background. A png image of dots repeated horizontally and vertically then overlaying it above a video or image can work too! Thanks a bunch!

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