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Thread: Allowing users to create webpages on my website

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    Allowing users to create webpages on my website

    I am coding a website and want to allow users to create webpages on my website. For instance, if my website was www.hello.com and they hit 'create new page' it would use a premade template and have them fill out a form (name, location, etc) and create www.hello.com/theirname. Basically exactly what happens on this site, when someone wants to create a new post (you fill out a form, and then your question is posted to a premade template)

    So, how do I allow them to create new webpages with their own url while using a premade template?

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    This could be done in PHP, but it is not trivial. I don't know whether there is a pre-written CMS that has this facility.

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