I'm new here, so it's my first post. I don't know which things I need to post, but I'll try to post everything that I have and I want.

I'm trying to make a HTML Application Form in which, I have form like this:

HTML Code:
<font><strong>General Questions</strong></font> <br>
<strong>Are You Human?:</strong>
<select name="chooser">
<option selected="selected">------- Select The Option -------</option>
<option value="bla">Yes</option>
<option value="blabla">No</option>
<option value="blablabla">What Is this?</option>
<input name="usertext" type="text"><br>
<center><input type="reset" value="Clear All Text Box" onclick="return confirm('Clear all fields?')">
<input type="button" value="Get Code" onclick="transfer_it(chooser,usertext,readout)"><br></center>
<center><textarea name="readout" rows="15" cols="100" readonly></textarea></center>
Also, I have an Javascript which uses the input name and then shows in a text area. Here is the Javascript:

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

function transfer_it(oSelect, oText, oTextarea)
	var seltext = '', usertext = '';
	if (oSelect.selectedIndex != 0) //not default option
		seltext = oSelect.options[oSelect.selectedIndex].text; //get displayed text
	usertext = oText.value; //get textfield
	if (seltext != '')
		oTextarea.value = 'Are You Human?: ' + seltext;
	if (usertext != '')
		oTextarea.value += '\n\In-Game Name: ' + usertext;


Now, the problem is, I can't add more number of textboxes and also, I want it to sent in another HTML page.

My friend did with PHP, but, I found that this can be done with HTML too.

PHP Website link: http://cit-sapd.hol.es/sapd/index.php?page=apply
HTML Website link: http://curthidalgo.url.ph/applysamd.html