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Thread: .hasClass method and if statement

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    .hasClass method and if statement

    Greetings all,please check this code: http://jsfiddle.net/RZpbK/1558/

    now what i understand from :
    if (!$target.hasClass('active') && $other.length > 0)
    is that:
    is always false,since $target already has class 'active' added by the previous function,if that's the case,how would this 'if statement' ever execute?

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    var $target = $($(this).attr('href')),
    $other = $target.siblings('.active')

    var target point to the href attr of the link. eg "#target1"

    so, !$target.hasClass('active') is equal to jQuery('#target1').hasClass('active')

    the class is added to the panels next to the links, so in this way, every time that is clicked a link, the code assesses whether it has the class 'active' or not... but remember that assesses if the div.panel has the class, not the link...

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