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Thread: Read all files, remove duplicates, Delete

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    Question Read all files, remove duplicates, Delete


    I am working a project involving GPS and RFID. My device will upload CSV files to my server that will contain the following - in this order:
    1. Reader ID number
    2. Latitude
    3. Longitude
    4. 150 ID numbers

    The csv files will be named as 'readerid.csv'. Example (1001.csv, 1002.csv...).
    Some of the ID numbers will be duplicates and will need to be either ignored, or removed, before importing into a MySQL database.
    After importing, I will need the file to be deleted off the server.

    I will most likely need to make this a cron job as there will be no user interface. Currently, I only have one reader (1001) that I am working on, but expect to have 200+ at full-scale.

    I can handle the importing into MySQL, I am just not sure how to go about reading each file, and removing/ignoring the duplicate entries, or deleting a file.

    I appreciate your help in advance.
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