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Thread: Can anyone explain to me how this video was created....

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    Can anyone explain to me how this video was created....

    Hi I've come across this site and really like the video they've used in the background. My understanding is video or large imagery on a website is really slow to load but this is quick. Can anyone explain how this has been done so the loading speed is fast?


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    Can you tel me about which site you are talking about?


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    I've downloaded a good tool called Freemake Video Converter, which has a powerful HTML5 conversion function: it creates three different video extensions, starting from a raw video (.mod for example), expected by the HTML5 standard in order to work along with different browsers.

    It's free and really well done, but pay attention while installing: the program works without further plugins; you'll have to disable/unflag all the adds suggested by the installation process.

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    depends on your definition of "really quick" I guess, since it took a minute and a half for that site to even load here. Hardly a shock with it being a six megabyte monstrousity in 115 separate files; making it yet another laundry list of how not to build a site before we even talk the complete and miserable failure at accessible design and codebase that reeks of "HTML, what's that?"

    Much less the "let's cram a dozen pages into one HTML" idiocy stemming from the "pageloads are evil" garbage.

    My advice, don't try to emulate that, it's a poster child for everything WRONG with what the majority of artsy fartsy types vomit up and have the giant pair of brass to call a website.

    See how Paypal recently wet their own bed on their homepage.

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    Hi there ,
    I want to thanks all guys who can guide me about where i see that video really its brilliant ideas and also i fund many info which i required .

    Sameer shokat.

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