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Thread: Focus specifications and input fields styling

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    Focus specifications and input fields styling

    I have used styling for input fields like:
    PHP Code:

    .table1 input:focus {
    border1px solid #000000;

    It works when I click inside input cell and it is validated. Issues is with the button under table. It has also the same styling but input button which should not react to click. How to avoid only this button styling for focus CSS.

    PHP Code:

    <input type="submit" class="button1" value="Send inquiry" name=""

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    You have not given enough of the code, but the CSS you have given sets the border for all input fields in table1 when they receive focus. If that is not what you want to happen, then don't set it!!! Have you set a class on the input fields that you DO want to respond to receiving focus? If so use that in the CSS instead.

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    You are right. Thank you.
    outline: none;
    box-shadow: none;

    I think it should work in all version and browser.

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