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Thread: Same Look and Feel for a web site

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    Same Look and Feel for a web site

    What are main points to consider in maintaining "Same Look and Feel" for a web site ?
    I have come across a job posting, which states, a candidate should have experience in "Same Look and Feel".
    Is SLF, something that a developer has to figure out on his own OR does business provide details on how to manage "Same Look and Feel" ?
    If business provides the requirements for SLF, then developer has to just manage it. Why is it required to have experience in "Same Look and Feel" ?


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    The same "look and feel" as what? Maintaining a consistent look and feel of a web site can be easy, depending on how the site is built. Indeed, that is one reason for segregating the style (CSS) from the content (HTML). This allows the same CSS to be used on a whole site, instead of page by page.

    A further development of the concept is the use of PHP include files. These allow common page elements like headers, footers and navigation to be written once and used on all (or a group of) pages.

    However, I'm not sure that is what you mean. If by the "same look and feel" you mean the same as another site, that is quite different. The look and feel of a site can be and is copyright. So if you make an exact copy of the look and feel of, say, a particular car manufacturer's site, they can have your site taken down.

    But if you make a site that is nearly the same look and feel, but not quite, that can be different. However, like I said, I'm not sure that is what you meant...

    P.S. I've moved the thread to the CSS forum, because look and feel is style, not content.
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    Usually when you come across a job posting saying things like that, it's some marketing re-re not qualified to be hiring for the job. You see it a lot where people have a vague idea what the job entails, but really isn't qualified to even open their mouth on the subject; that's why they're trying to hire someone in the first place.

    To me that phrase would wave me off from applying to such a job, as it sounds like you might end up in the "expert" scenario...

    Which at this point I'd sooner eat a bullet than deal with. Some people are just too stupid to be allowed to make decisions about their websites. We call these people "clients".

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