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Thread: Is it possible Combine Multiple UPC coupon codes into Single UPC Coupon Code

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    Is it possible Combine Multiple UPC coupon codes into Single UPC Coupon Code

    Hello Guys,

    I have struggling question here,Please let me know to save my struggling time.I have a requirement that to combine multiple UPC coupon codes into a single coupon code.I am doing R&d by google but i did n't found single article related for this.

    Please let me know is this is possible or not,to save my job.Please let me know irrespective of domain.

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    Is this a programming problem?

    I've never even heard of a UPC Coupon Code before, I'm guessing it's this:?

    In which case after a quick look I'd take a guess you can't. It seems to have a strict structure.

    Is there any reason you think you could combine them? Have you seen it done elsewhere? Is there a standard for this?

    Really what we do here is help with implementation based on your design and code.

    Your question as it is doesn't even give us anything to try and implement so I'm not sure how much we can help.

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    Coupons can only be redeemed if they are original coupons and not copies, not may companies provide a home print out, some do I have one provider I use from time to time that issued coupons or tickets that you have to print yourself but generally its accepted that your coupon will come off a packet or out of a magazine that you have purchased.
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