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Thread: Which HTML to utilize for a subtle small business site??

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    Which HTML to utilize for a subtle small business site??

    Hello. Over the years I've sporadically fooled around with basic HTML and CSS to make simple websites. Recently I dabbled with HTML5 which seemed to add a bit more functionality. After a bit of research I read that it doesn't promote "best coding practice" and isn't widely supported as some other versions of HTML. I did touch on XHTML after a bit more research, but that's when I stopped an came here. Which one(s) are widely supported and most commonly used? Which ones promote / force good coding practice?

    I'm making my girlfriend a website for her small business and want to keep a subtle theme without to much flash / images being loaded etc. I also want a solid and consistent foundation to build upon, but I also want to do a tad more than basic HTML. I want to utilize more "streamlined" variants and the like for my own satisfaction. Forgive the ignorance, but there seem to be several versions of HTML. Thanks for any advice.

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    You probably would be best advised to use the HTML 4 Strict doctype. This will ensure that your code is free from deprecated code. Use HTML5/CSS3 specific code (e.g. @media) only when necessary, and when:
    - It is supported by all major browser. And...
    - It degrades gracefully on non-compliant browsers.

    Change the doctype to HTML 5 for the release version.

    I hope this helps...

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    Thanks for the advice.

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    I'll second what jedaisoul said -- There are bits of HTML 5 you will have shoved down your throat by Apple fanboys and freetards if you want media content -- like AUDIO and VIDEO; there are some bits that are useful it you're writing HTML 5 crApplets like MANIFEST, but beyond that, there's little if anything of value; the majority of it is the re-introduction of old redundancies (EMBED), introduction of new redundancies if you have the slightest inkling how to use numbered headings and horizontal rules properly (SECTION, ARTICLE, HEADER, FOOTER, NAV), or return us to 1990's style presentational markup practices (ASIDE).

    ... and that's why a lot of developers are now saying "design in STRICT first, then deploy as 5 if you must".

    I prefer XHTML 1.0 Strict for it's more consistent and legible structural rules, but 4.01 Strict is equally acceptable. I've always kind-of hated the idea of the "empty" tags like IMG and META having no visible closing mechanism. Probably why I'm not wild about Python since even though I'm a stickler for tabbing of code, whitespace shouldn't be used as a structure mechanism.

    Probably the old-school assembly language programmer in me, I like to see that RET, call to INT 21h AH=00, etc, etc... Closures man, closures.

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